It’s been and gone now.

Invitation to Wooplaw25
Wooplaw was purchased in 1987 and is the first community woodland in Britain and was 25 in 2012.
We celebrating on the first weekend in September.

The Community Woodland Association held their annual conference in Galashiels that weekend and are came to join in.


Bring your smart phone and download our WoopLore app and use it throughout the woods. Once loaded from our WiFi network at Axehead car park you don’t need a signal to use it in the woods.

Wooplaw25 is here!

This is what we did.

Four clearings

The Art and Heritage marquee was in Axehead Wood at the outdoor classroom
The Working Woods area was at the GreenWood building
The Bio/Ecodiversity area was in BigWood at the owl box tree
That’s where the Education and Wellbeing area was too.

These were displays, demonstrations and talks throughout the day.

Conntol Centre
The Arts and Heritage marquee was be our “focus” over the event so if you’ve a lost child or you find a wallet then this is where to go.
There were be three first aiders about over the weekend and they can be contacted from there too.

Three trails
We have three trails through the woods now.
Axehead Trail
Bigwood/Easterpark Trail
Jubilee Trail at Gullet Wood
The fence posts used for the displays will be used as trail markers after the event.


Blue Moon Night

20:15 – batwatch at Axehead wood
21:00 on – Dark Sky observation with Dave Chalton. Weather dependant otherwise he’ll bring some cool meteorites to see.
21:00 moth traps and identification. Find out where at the cabin.
Midnight – a big howl at the Full Moon.

The Dry Stone Wallers will be working on the new bench at Axehead pond.
Pond dipping – 2 and 4pm with Anna
Greenwood working
Guided walks
The CWA conference are visiting us in the afternoon and groups will be taken around
3pm – gathering at the Arts and Heritage marquee.

Pond dipping – 2 and 4pm with Anna
Sunday afternoon
Foraging walk
Maggy Stead – open house and workshop Sunday from 13:30 on.

Bushcraft camp
Somewhere among the trees in Easterpark there’ll be some folk living primitively.

You’re invited to come along and join in or just see what’s happening
The WoopLoft is open for business in Gullet Wood. Worth a visit. If you try the fireman’s pole though keep your elbows tucked well in – its sore if you don’t.

All over the woods but let someone at Axehead carpark know where you’re going
HERE’S a leaflet which will help – and bring a trowel.

If you bring your dog make sure you bring the polybags too.

The BBQ rebuild is done – big sigh of relief and thanks to everyone who helped.
We’ll keep the BBQ lit over the weekend (you can help too) so you can burn your own food. We don’t want to poison everyone so there’s no catering.
Remember that the nearest shops are four miles away so bring EVERYTHING with you.
We should have some water available and will probably keep the big kettle on the boil.

We really don’t want a lot of wee fires all over the woods so we’re planning on having four.
One at the Cabin.
One at Gullet Wood by the Roundhouse
One at the Greenwood building if a tribe gather over there
and one at the Bushcraft camp.

There are now seven picnic benches and tables at the cabin and we’ve got tarpaulins to shelter some if its wet too.
We’re planning on some lighting in this area in the evenings.

Again – bring your own (acoustic only) and it will be really great to have music at some of the fires.
Come and join in.

Car parking
We’re using the field next door – our car park only takes about ten cars and we’ll need it for buses turning too.
Hopefully the weather will be kind but we’d like to minimise any movement so it doesn’t get too muddy.
If you can arrange to car share and bring the car in and out once only that would be brilliant.

The event is free but don’t let this make you feel guilty – you can always make a donation or join Wooplaw Woodland or even sign up for our e-mail newsletter (bit silly saying this to you all as you already have but no doubt you’ll be forwarding this to loads of friends and colleagues – remember to delete the bottom bit first.)
You’ll get the leaflets from one of the four areas.









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