Working documents.

These are some of the plans, maps, surveys, listings we use to help manage the wood.

E-Mail updates

Ad hoc jobs list

2006-11 Management Plan

Map – Subcompartments and areas – This has the map detailing the areas refered to in the Management plan

Map of Woodland Zones

Memorandum and articles of association


Weedkiller regime

wooplaw species_spp

Species SBBRC Dec 2003

fungi survey 28-9-08

fungi survey 25-9-11



Moths 31 08 2012

Plan for picnic tables

AGM etc….

Minutes of 2010 AGM

Minutes of 2011 AGM

Minutes 0f 2015 AGM



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October 2014

November 2014

January 2015

Febuary 2015

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