Log Cabin

Using the Wooplaw Log Cabin

Wooplaw Woodland is open to the public so we cannot give you exclusive use of facilities.
However, we won’t take two bookings at the same time so there is less likelyhood of a clash.

  • There are other great areas for group activities in the woods including;
    Gullet Wood and the roundhouse
    The green woodworking building
    The outdoor classroom
    The campsite
    The glade in Easterpark

Before you make a booking request please read the following:

You are very welcome to use the log cabin, picnic area and barbecue – but we ask you to leave everything as you would wish to find it. Please be aware that the next visitors after you are quite likely to be children.
Please observe the following guidelines

We will only take a booking from members of Wooplaw Community Woodland.

  • Please take ALL your litter home as you leave and don’t try to burn cans or bottles.. The dustman doesn’t call at Wooplaw and any mess you leave just makes work for hard pressed volunteers.
  • Please only light fires in designated areas i.e. stove in log cabin, barbecue and bonfire site (over the wall from cabin). Stones put around fire sites can explode in intense heat, so not a good idea! It is OK to use fallen dead wood in the cabin stove and on the fire, but if you can bring your own fire wood that is better still. Even dead wood is an important habitat for wild life. Please do not cut down trees or burn furniture!
  • There is a compost toilet in the wood in front of the cabin.  It is simple to use and there is a set of instructions on the wall inside.
  • Noise!  We do NOT allow any any music equipment connected to a generator.  Please be considerate to our neighbours and the wildlife.
  • Please park in the Axehead car park.  There is limited parking by the roadside at Big Wood.  Do not block the entrance to the lane opposite or to Wooplaw House.
  • If you are thinking of holding a party, especially if the numbers of people involved will be large or you intend staying overnight, please check that it won’t clash with some other event that is already booked.
  • There are also some special rules for large events that we have agreed with neighbours and the police.
  • A donation of a few pound a head would be appreciated.

By submitting a booking request you are agreeing to observe the above guidelines

Click here to proceed to the booking request

Enjoy Wooplaw Community Woods !

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