Web Site Update

We are currently updating the web site and will be adding updates to the site after every work day to show the progress we are making at Wooplaw.

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Work Day 24/02/2018

Very productive day at Wooplaw yesterday we got a lot more done than planned. The aim for the day was to move 2 of the picnic benches but we had this done in about 30 mins so we cracked on with some other jobs. By the end of the day we had move the picnic benches, demolished the BBQ, moved the tin from the roof of the old cabin up to the container, rebuilt the picnic bench we demolished with the tree last week and moved some of the logs up to the container. I spent last week repairing the trailer and having a new draw bar made to fit the tractor, we couldn’t have done half the work without it. We also purchased a bigger chainsaw to carry out the cutting of the timber we need for the the cabin rebuild, which was made possible by the donations received and the money that has been raised for us. THANK YOU.

I would also like to thank the volunteers that came yesterday, without them we wouldn’t have got as much done.

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Work Day 10/02/2018

Today we started removing some of the damaged trees around the Cabin area.

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Work Day 17/02/2018

Work continued yesterday to clear the area for the new cabin, We felled 2 big Douglas firs which had been damaged and burnt the brash from last week and what remained of the old cabin. Thanks to the volunteers who came up to help us it was a really productive day.

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Wardens Decide on Cabin Design

Hi Folks,

The wardens held a meeting on Tuesday 6th February to finalise a design for the new cabin at Wooplaw. We unanimously decided to build the new cabin using gabion baskets (wire mesh baskets filled with stones) and a turf roof. We have now submitted grant applications to cover the build costs and hope to be able to source the stones and the timber from Wooplaw, the next step is to pass our ideas to an architect and have plans drawn up for the build. We also decided we will move the cabin to the left of where the old one was, this will allow us to make it bigger and have more of an overhang on the roof. We also decided to renew the BBQ, extend the camp site, move the picnic benches, install board walks over the wet areas of path and extend the car park next to the container.

For anyone wanting to help out there will be a warden there Saturdays to organize the work for that day. The work to begin with will be focusing on tiding up the area were the old cabin was and removing the picnic benches in preparation for the ground works for the new cabin. If volunteers could bring picks and shovels it would be greatly appreciated as we have a limited supply.
Some of the work will involve using plant machinery and tree felling so the cabin area will be closed off to the public for safety reasons on these days but I will update the Facebook page on a Wednesday night if the site will be closed to volunteers. All ages and skill levels are welcome whether you can swing a pick or make a cup of tea your help will be appreciated.

Dave Donnelly


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Kids Kabin

Thursday 28th-Saturday 30th May 2015 – Another Kids Kabin camp in Wooplaw – looking back, I think this may be our 14th year visiting Wooplaw!  And every year we have many great camping experiences.  We also see the wood grow and change with new sculptures and natural wonders appearing all the time!  Most of this group had never camped before, let alone in the wild.  However, as they tell me, they are now all experts!  We look forward to seeing you next year – thanks again for Wooplaw!

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Feeling chilly?

First weekend in February and the bushcraft group are camping  – yes camping.
Some on the ground and others in the trees – that’s their hierarchy – they look down on the ground dwellers.

The parachute keeps in the heat from the fire and makes it almost comfy.
Mind you a 5 season sleeping bag and a few jerseys help as well.
Lots of woody activities and a great weekend at Wooplaw.

See you all  again in October

Spot the 20 tents in the pic

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Tidying up

About a dozen people came out on a really mild but a bit damp day.
We tidied round the paths removing eyepokers and made a few blown trees safe.
Luckily they were dead and starting to rot so it hasn’t been too disastrous a winter (yet).
The burn was cleared out and branches cut back near the cabin and Alan Fox dug out the ditch from the archway to the pond.
We even fixed the fence around the muddy pond beside the path near the cabin.

Team photo in the tree the kids love getting their photo in.

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Anyone seen a bridge anywhere?

Bit wet down at Axehead where the Allan Water is running a little high after the end of the drought.
There’s a bridge in the middle of this pic. A bit of a problem though if you want to get to the bottom of the wood over it.
At least its brought the level of the pond up too.


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The wee bridge

Last month the Dry Stone Dykers came and fixed up some of the wall below the cabin and also the bridge where the water was backing up if anything got trapped in the pipe.

Now there’s a nice deep gulley with some really big stones over it as a bridge. Plenty of room for a flood.

Today it was really wet and the bridge at the cabin was overflowing but – NOT the one down the hill.
Well done folks.

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