Kids Kabin

Thursday 28th-Saturday 30th May 2015 – Another Kids Kabin camp in Wooplaw – looking back, I think this may be our 14th year visiting Wooplaw!  And every year we have many great camping experiences.  We also see the wood grow and change with new sculptures and natural wonders appearing all the time!  Most of this group had never camped before, let alone in the wild.  However, as they tell me, they are now all experts!  We look forward to seeing you next year – thanks again for Wooplaw!

Feeling chilly?

First weekend in February and the bushcraft group are camping  – yes camping.
Some on the ground and others in the trees – that’s their hierarchy – they look down on the ground dwellers.

The parachute keeps in the heat from the fire and makes it almost comfy.
Mind you a 5 season sleeping bag and a few jerseys help as well.
Lots of woody activities and a great weekend at Wooplaw.

See you all  again in October

Spot the 20 tents in the pic

Tidying up

About a dozen people came out on a really mild but a bit damp day.
We tidied round the paths removing eyepokers and made a few blown trees safe.
Luckily they were dead and starting to rot so it hasn’t been too disastrous a winter (yet).
The burn was cleared out and branches cut back near the cabin and Alan Fox dug out the ditch from the archway to the pond.
We even fixed the fence around the muddy pond beside the path near the cabin.

Team photo in the tree the kids love getting their photo in.

Anyone seen a bridge anywhere?

Bit wet down at Axehead where the Allan Water is running a little high after the end of the drought.
There’s a bridge in the middle of this pic. A bit of a problem though if you want to get to the bottom of the wood over it.
At least its brought the level of the pond up too.


The wee bridge

Last month the Dry Stone Dykers came and fixed up some of the wall below the cabin and also the bridge where the water was backing up if anything got trapped in the pipe.

Now there’s a nice deep gulley with some really big stones over it as a bridge. Plenty of room for a flood.

Today it was really wet and the bridge at the cabin was overflowing but – NOT the one down the hill.
Well done folks.

Swedish Candle

DaveD, our chairman, was camping at Wooplaw over the weekend so used a bit of the windblown sitka as firewood. Rather than chop it he made a Swedish Candle by chainsawing a cross down through it and lighting a wee fire on the top.

It burns down through the middle and stays alight for hours. We’ll maybe get his video sometime.
The sides are left at the end as it was probably a wee bit wet.

The rakes are made

On Sunday a wee group turned out to try their hand at making hay rakes for next month’s meadow cutting.
The tines were made by hammering some dry birch though a round hole.
The heads are ash and the handles some ash or hazel poles.
We’ve made all the design faults so we can tell you how not to make them and maybe make our next ones differently – however, the proof will be next month when we try them out on the meadow at Gullet.



3 plots

As part of the Plantlife survey the plants in 3 plots are counted.
On Sunday they chose a wet grassland, drier meadow and some older woodland.
Hopefully someone will remember where they are next year for the repeat.

Maybe you can spot the dog rose.


Donner und Blitzen (again)

On Sunday 25th May I came to Wooplaw to help complete a Wildflower Counts Survey, this is part of a national survey of plants in the UK (see Plantlifes website for more info)

On my arrival it was torrential rain with thunder, this seems to be a common theme and it is suggested perhaps this should be my last visit to Wooplaw!  It did however give us the chance to eat some chocolate biscuits and then the sun came out.

3 plots were chosen in different habitats which were wet grassland, the drier meadow and an older part of the woodland.

We smelt the medicinal aroma of meadow sweet, learnt how to tell an early violet from a dog violet, pondered over how large and orange the scales need to be to make a fern a ‘scaly male’ and saw a large red damselfly in the grasses by the pond.

Lots of beautiful flowers will soon be out at Wooplaw


Ali Murfitt




Happy Mother’s Day

Today somewhere among the mists a group of hardy people started our annual willow harvest.
The weather had been fine recently and we’d even got the first pussy willows blossoming. In Edinburgh the willow trees were all covered so we’re a week or two behind.






I think everyone came back out of the mist at the end.



Meanwhile in the cabin at Bigwood there was a bushcraft first aid course going on.

Nice to see the cabin full and we hope you don’t need to use your skills at Wooplaw.

Plenty happening.