Work Day 24/02/2018

Very productive day at Wooplaw yesterday we got a lot more done than planned. The aim for the day was to move 2 of the picnic benches but we had this done in about 30 mins so we cracked on with some other jobs. By the end of the day we had move the picnic benches, demolished the BBQ, moved the tin from the roof of the old cabin up to the container, rebuilt the picnic bench we demolished with the tree last week and moved some of the logs up to the container. I spent last week repairing the trailer and having a new draw bar made to fit the tractor, we couldn’t have done half the work without it. We also purchased a bigger chainsaw to carry out the cutting of the timber we need for the the cabin rebuild, which was made possible by the donations received and the money that has been raised for us. THANK YOU.

I would also like to thank the volunteers that came yesterday, without them we wouldn’t have got as much done.

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