Donner und Blitzen (again)

On Sunday 25th May I came to Wooplaw to help complete a Wildflower Counts Survey, this is part of a national survey of plants in the UK (see Plantlifes website for more info)

On my arrival it was torrential rain with thunder, this seems to be a common theme and it is suggested perhaps this should be my last visit to Wooplaw!  It did however give us the chance to eat some chocolate biscuits and then the sun came out.

3 plots were chosen in different habitats which were wet grassland, the drier meadow and an older part of the woodland.

We smelt the medicinal aroma of meadow sweet, learnt how to tell an early violet from a dog violet, pondered over how large and orange the scales need to be to make a fern a ‘scaly male’ and saw a large red damselfly in the grasses by the pond.

Lots of beautiful flowers will soon be out at Wooplaw


Ali Murfitt




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