July 2013

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Plantlife walk

On Sunday we managed a great walk, partly in the rain to see what would be involved if we took on a Plantlife square or two. Basically we’ll need to record whether we find 99 different plants and then see how they change over the years. Ali Murfitt came and showed us what to do [...]

Getting ready for the TVFF

Getting ready for the TVFF

Here’s the big saw with new Wooplaw Ash handles. Emma Chapman let us have two which her parents had for years. The woodworms had been enjoying the handles though. The new ones came from the big ash bough which fell near the path from the carpark to the cabin. Ready for the new Scottish Log [...]

Is it Summer?

Is it Summer?

The weather seems to think so and so do the cherry trees at Gullet Wood. Tasty too after the photo was taken. The fruit trees planted by the Galashiels Rotary Club seem to be thriving although a bit young yet for fruit. There’s a lovely new Rowan tree planted down near the roundhouse so quite [...]


Just right

Bill Hogarth has been around and done the second strimming of the year and the paths really are inviting just now. The three marked trails have all been cut and it’s great getting around them. The millions of tadpoles have turned into millions of little frogs so watch as you walk near axehead pond. Here’s [...]