August 2012

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Ready for action

The boys from Scottish water came up trumps in the last few days and we’ve now got a brand new composting loo. Just ready for Wooplaw 25 so thanks lads. You can see their efforts in the gallery.  

Stone bench

Here’s an album of pictures of the hard work which went into creating the stone bench at Axehead pond. The Iron Horse was moving stone from the heap upstream. Thanks to the Dry Stone Walling Assoc for coming down. Alan, Dave, Richard, Donald, Gillian, John, Jonathon and Mike. James drove the Iron Horse for them and [...]

New Dry Stone bench

New Dry Stone bench

Thanks to the Dry Stone Walling Association who came down to make this wonderful 3 sided bench at Axehead pond today. James drove the Iron Horse and the Lothian Conservation Volunteers helped move the stone – quite a wee bit of it too. They’re coming back next week to finish it over Wooplaw25 so come [...]

It’s finished.

It’s finished.

A motley crew finished the BBQ today. It was topped off by Marcus who put in the last nail. Just waiting for Wooplaw25 to use it now.

Men at work.

Deja Vu

A bit like Groundhog Day and you look up and realise that it’s not the same day and you are in the same place doing the same thing with the same people. A good day getting more cladding on the BBQ roof. Nearly finished – whew! Now to work out how to finish off the [...]

Cabin benches done.

Another long day saw the four new benches made, transported and installed at the cabin in Bigwood. A wee shower at lunch time so we all scuttled into the container for a break. Satisfying at the end of the day to see them all done though.   You might recognise the guilty parties in the [...]

Going up.

First day working on the new BBQ roof. The big rafters are up and the boards started on the first section. Tomorrow might see it finished if anyone has the energy to come back. Hundreds of pics in the album now. Hope someone wants to use the BBQ at Wooplaw25 after all this. (Well, someone’s [...]

Jubilee trail finished.

Jubilee trail finished.

The steps are done, the boardwalks made, the grass cut, the gravel moved and all we need now is to know where it is. The sign for the Jubilee trail went up today near the car park at Gullet Wood. You walk along parallel to the road to the top of the wood. If you [...]

Pik a Stik for real men

The big lift

  Last Sunday saw the raising of the new posts for the BBQ. Much humming and harring and scratching of heads but eventually – a plan. The hole was dug and the pole lifted. Despite everything the Iron Horse played it’s part and did the winching for us.  Much creaking and eyes focused on the [...]

Preview of the W25 marquees.

Preview of the W25 marquees.

This weekend the marquees for W25 are in use at the STOWED OUT festival. Fun putting them up and finding out their idiosynchracies but Will is now the expert. This is the two linked end to end. Hope the festival goes OK and we’ll see them again for the Arts and Heritage displays at Wooplaw25. [...]